Groundbreaking THINX Ad Gains International Support



 Miki Agrawal ( is a respected social entrepreneur who leads barrier-breaking companies such as TUSHY ( and the “period proof” panty maker THINX. An Inc. video featured Miki Agrawal as one of its “Women Who Lead,” and detailed how she leveraged a social media outcry to get THINX advertising on subways across New York City.

As Ms. Agrawal described it, her company presented an advertisement with the slogan “Underwear For Women With Periods” that featured a model in THINX lingerie on one side and a halved grapefruit on the other. It was nixed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) as being “too suggestive” to subway riders.

Ms. Agrawal felt strongly that the ad was well within MTA guidelines and also that it was potentially educational to riders, rather than offensive. She “went to press” through a pair of articles that got retweeted and flooded with support from women around the world. Ultimately, the MTA relented in a decision that Ms. Agrawal characterized as a “real win for women” and the advertisements went forward.